The Purple Spears Are Coming
The Dragon's Eye Turns North

Word has reached Fallcrest that the Purple Dragons of Cormyr are traveling up from the south for unknown reasons. A cohort of approximately 500 of these elite, disciplined warriors will be arriving in Fallcrest soon with it’s scouts and parley representatives having already arrived and making preparations with Fallcrest nobility for accommodations.

The Dragons, known for their extensive knowledge of warfare and unwavering courage, have a well-earned reputation for promoting lawfulness, stamping out corruption and enforcing order wherever they go. They, along with the Swordmages of Cormyr, have brought stability to their kingdom in the south even though Cormyr is bordered on three sides by dark nations with dark designs. Having repeatedly defeated the dreaded Nethelim empire to a standstill at its borders, the Dragons have helped ensure the peace in their kingdom for over one hundred years and have recently offered aid to their neighbors in the nearby Dalelands against subversive Nethelim attacks earning the Dragons even greater respect abroad.

Trade-folk rumors up from Harkenwold say that even the notorious black dragon Shadowmire in the Witchlight Fens has gone into hiding to avoid the Purple Dragons’ notice on their march to Fallcrest. If this is true, then this cohort must be, indeed, a very dire group to behold.

The Hungry Well
Gnolls Abound

After discovering the evil dealings of Amros Kamroth in cheating the surrounding area landowners and secretly worshiping Tiamat, the adventurers are quickly sent to the Old Hills east of Fallcrest to investigate knoll activity near the dwarven hold of Hammerfast. The dwarves of Hammerfast were impressed with the adventurers’ previous success in dealing with the kobolds and would like to avoid another incident before dispatching skilled stonecutters again.

Our band quickly discovered knoll activity in what appeared to be a cave system in one of the many rolling hills of the area. As the adventurers explored deeper into the ground they discovered the hill is, in fact, an extensive collapsed stone structure of some kind that had been slowly reclaimed by nature over the years.

The knolls fought viciously and were seemingly defeated before their aberrant grell masters emerged from the remains of an ancient well. Dealing with ranged and melee attacks from both sides, our adventurers were able to kill the grell and their knoll servants. Our band was unable to definitively determine the origin of the fallen structure the knolls and grell were using, but assumed there was a good possibility it was the remnants of an outpost of Nerath erected along the trade road between Fallcrest and Hammerfast before Nerath’s fall.

Lord Bowie is somewhat concerned after hearing the news of grell and knolls being found together so close to Hammerfast. He is especially concerned of hearing the description of an altered knoll that was seemingly imbued with dark magic, possibly of demonic origin.

Undead in the Crypts
Our Second Adventure

After a successful rescue of the dwarven stonecutters the heroes are quickly asked to discreetly take care of dangerous undead that have suddenly started attacking people in the city catacombs. Located in the steep bluff that separates the upper and lower quays of the town, the catacombs were used almost daily and there hadn’t been an incident of undead as far back as anyone could remember. Working under the time crunch imposed by Lord Bowie of Fallcrest, the heroes were tasked to find the source of the undead and return back to the catacombs entrance in 24 hours or they would be walled up and warded inside. Lord Bowie was taking no chances if the heroes failed.

Unexpectedly the heroes stumble upon a greater plot involving an ancient statue of Orcus hidden in the catacombs and are attacked by Armos Kamroth, one of the towns prominent citizens, after discovering a secret tunnel that led from the statue to his basement. Armos Kamroth was subdued and a large trove of magical weapons was found and will be sorted through by Marcus, Lord Bowie’s commander. From a preliminary search many of the items were recognized as family heirlooms from the town and surrounding areas where Armos had acquired farms and property from tenants who had fallen on bad luck.

A wild-eyed, feral-looking, assumed-cultist disappeared with a tiefling sorceress of obvious necromantic power before the heroes could stop and interrogate/kill them. After secretly listening to a conversation between the two it’s assumed one or both of them were responsible for the undead rising and attacking the living.

Zanne(Aubrey) the cleric performed a great feat of bravery during the adventure and quickly dispatched several of the undead skeletons who were part of a pincer trap while Stasi(Steven) the ranger made a great kill-shot destroying the flaming skeleton that was determined to fry Ander(Amanda) the goliath. Ander, in usual fashion, hacked through skeletons with the greatest of ease and will use a different set of dice for the next adventure. Drew(Chris) the warlock succeeded in causing his usual mayhem of hit-and-run cursing.

Our First Adventure

The heroes answered a help wanted ad in their home town of Waterdeep and traveled far to the north to a small town named Fallcrest. The lord of the town entrusted the heroes with checking on the well being of a local stone quarry being run by dwarves from the citadel of Hammerfast. The dwarves were ‘on loan’ from Hammerfast in a gesture of goodwill to help Fallcrest repair its outer walls, which still had huge gaps from the original Burning Spears orc incursion over 100 hundred years earlier. The site was also to be a new keep to help secure the road between Fallcrest and Hammerfast.

Arriving at the stone quarry the heroes quickly discover kobolds had overrun the site and the dwarves were nowhere to be seen. After dispatching the cowardly kobolds the brave heroes pressed further underground and confronted the real threat of a young green dragon who orchestrated the attack. Thankfully the heroes thwarted the dragons plans of using the dwarven stoncutters as ransom to create ill-will between Fallcrest and Hammerfast and secured the area while thinning out the local kobold population. There was a good bit of treasure found including a +3 broadsword by Ander but sadly the cured green dragonhide stolen from Teldorthan Goldcap was not found.

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