Undead in the Crypts

Our Second Adventure

After a successful rescue of the dwarven stonecutters the heroes are quickly asked to discreetly take care of dangerous undead that have suddenly started attacking people in the city catacombs. Located in the steep bluff that separates the upper and lower quays of the town, the catacombs were used almost daily and there hadn’t been an incident of undead as far back as anyone could remember. Working under the time crunch imposed by Lord Bowie of Fallcrest, the heroes were tasked to find the source of the undead and return back to the catacombs entrance in 24 hours or they would be walled up and warded inside. Lord Bowie was taking no chances if the heroes failed.

Unexpectedly the heroes stumble upon a greater plot involving an ancient statue of Orcus hidden in the catacombs and are attacked by Armos Kamroth, one of the towns prominent citizens, after discovering a secret tunnel that led from the statue to his basement. Armos Kamroth was subdued and a large trove of magical weapons was found and will be sorted through by Marcus, Lord Bowie’s commander. From a preliminary search many of the items were recognized as family heirlooms from the town and surrounding areas where Armos had acquired farms and property from tenants who had fallen on bad luck.

A wild-eyed, feral-looking, assumed-cultist disappeared with a tiefling sorceress of obvious necromantic power before the heroes could stop and interrogate/kill them. After secretly listening to a conversation between the two it’s assumed one or both of them were responsible for the undead rising and attacking the living.

Zanne(Aubrey) the cleric performed a great feat of bravery during the adventure and quickly dispatched several of the undead skeletons who were part of a pincer trap while Stasi(Steven) the ranger made a great kill-shot destroying the flaming skeleton that was determined to fry Ander(Amanda) the goliath. Ander, in usual fashion, hacked through skeletons with the greatest of ease and will use a different set of dice for the next adventure. Drew(Chris) the warlock succeeded in causing his usual mayhem of hit-and-run cursing.



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