The Hungry Well

Gnolls Abound

After discovering the evil dealings of Amros Kamroth in cheating the surrounding area landowners and secretly worshiping Tiamat, the adventurers are quickly sent to the Old Hills east of Fallcrest to investigate knoll activity near the dwarven hold of Hammerfast. The dwarves of Hammerfast were impressed with the adventurers’ previous success in dealing with the kobolds and would like to avoid another incident before dispatching skilled stonecutters again.

Our band quickly discovered knoll activity in what appeared to be a cave system in one of the many rolling hills of the area. As the adventurers explored deeper into the ground they discovered the hill is, in fact, an extensive collapsed stone structure of some kind that had been slowly reclaimed by nature over the years.

The knolls fought viciously and were seemingly defeated before their aberrant grell masters emerged from the remains of an ancient well. Dealing with ranged and melee attacks from both sides, our adventurers were able to kill the grell and their knoll servants. Our band was unable to definitively determine the origin of the fallen structure the knolls and grell were using, but assumed there was a good possibility it was the remnants of an outpost of Nerath erected along the trade road between Fallcrest and Hammerfast before Nerath’s fall.

Lord Bowie is somewhat concerned after hearing the news of grell and knolls being found together so close to Hammerfast. He is especially concerned of hearing the description of an altered knoll that was seemingly imbued with dark magic, possibly of demonic origin.



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