The Purple Spears Are Coming

The Dragon's Eye Turns North

Word has reached Fallcrest that the Purple Dragons of Cormyr are traveling up from the south for unknown reasons. A cohort of approximately 500 of these elite, disciplined warriors will be arriving in Fallcrest soon with it’s scouts and parley representatives having already arrived and making preparations with Fallcrest nobility for accommodations.

The Dragons, known for their extensive knowledge of warfare and unwavering courage, have a well-earned reputation for promoting lawfulness, stamping out corruption and enforcing order wherever they go. They, along with the Swordmages of Cormyr, have brought stability to their kingdom in the south even though Cormyr is bordered on three sides by dark nations with dark designs. Having repeatedly defeated the dreaded Nethelim empire to a standstill at its borders, the Dragons have helped ensure the peace in their kingdom for over one hundred years and have recently offered aid to their neighbors in the nearby Dalelands against subversive Nethelim attacks earning the Dragons even greater respect abroad.

Trade-folk rumors up from Harkenwold say that even the notorious black dragon Shadowmire in the Witchlight Fens has gone into hiding to avoid the Purple Dragons’ notice on their march to Fallcrest. If this is true, then this cohort must be, indeed, a very dire group to behold.



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