Our First Adventure

The heroes answered a help wanted ad in their home town of Waterdeep and traveled far to the north to a small town named Fallcrest. The lord of the town entrusted the heroes with checking on the well being of a local stone quarry being run by dwarves from the citadel of Hammerfast. The dwarves were ‘on loan’ from Hammerfast in a gesture of goodwill to help Fallcrest repair its outer walls, which still had huge gaps from the original Burning Spears orc incursion over 100 hundred years earlier. The site was also to be a new keep to help secure the road between Fallcrest and Hammerfast.

Arriving at the stone quarry the heroes quickly discover kobolds had overrun the site and the dwarves were nowhere to be seen. After dispatching the cowardly kobolds the brave heroes pressed further underground and confronted the real threat of a young green dragon who orchestrated the attack. Thankfully the heroes thwarted the dragons plans of using the dwarven stoncutters as ransom to create ill-will between Fallcrest and Hammerfast and secured the area while thinning out the local kobold population. There was a good bit of treasure found including a +3 broadsword by Ander but sadly the cured green dragonhide stolen from Teldorthan Goldcap was not found.



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